Twinline, LLC

Braided Technora® 300 (1 LB Lot)


Braided Technora® 300 Lb. tensile strength. Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) coating. This coating protects the Technora® from UV damage, increases flexibility, better knot strength, and chemical resistance. Solution dyed Black: Solution or doped dyed yarns are manufactured by adding a black pigment color to the polymer melt in spinning process.This results in fibers that are fully impregnated with pigment coming out of the spinnerets in a one step process. This process results in outstanding colorfastness and enhances UV protection.

Current applications include:

  • Aerial Surveillance Balloons
  • Gimbaled lines for remote video cameras
  • Recreation applications
  • Survival cord
  • Heavy duty fishing assist cords and leaders
  • Violin tail cord

Product Specifications:

Core Material Technora®
Coating PTFE
Denier 13,933.44
Yield per LB (961ft) - (292.9 m)
Tensile Strength (LBS) 350 **
Elongation <4.00%
Diameter (0.059 in) - (1.5 mm)
Production Color Black
Item Number Btnr060