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Sewing Kit with Osborne needle

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Title: Sewing Kit
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High-Molecular-Polyethylene (HMPE) Sewing Thread

143 Lb. tensile strength 

This sewing thread has similar chemical and physical characteristics as Spectra® and Dyneema® but it is not manufactured by Honeywell or DSM. This thread has a high tech polymer abrasion resistant coating impregnated into the braid. It is resistant to UV light, has low stretch and superior abrasion resistance . We have used this thread to sew leather gloves, repair shoes, tarps and many other recreational products. Perfect for your go bag. It is a very compact container with the needle tucked inside the spool, only 1 3/4 inches diagonally by 1/2 inch thick.

 Current applications include:.

  • Sewing thread

Product specifications:

Flexible Spool Size Dia 1 3/4 in 44.45 mm X 1/2 in 12.7 mm thick
Thread Material
Thread Length
62 Feet 18.29 M
Thread Diameter
.020 in .05 mm
Thread Break Strength
143 lbs 64.9 kg
12 Strand Braided
Finish High Tech Polymer impregnated into braid
Curved Needle
Osborne 2 1/2" 18 gauge

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