Twinline, LLC

Braided Polyester® 80 (1 LB Lot) (BLACK)

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High tenacity black Polyester hollow braid construction. This cord is designed for tethers on all kinds of objects. It is resistant to UV damage and wear.

  • 80 lb break strength
  • UV resistant
  • Very low stretch
  • Can be finger trapped


Current applications include:

  • Tether applications.
  • Recreation applications

Product Specifications:

Material High Tenacity Polyester
Denier 6,612.36
Yield per LB (2025 ft) - (617.2 m)
Tensile Strength (LBS) 80**
Elongation <4.00%
Diameter (0.033 in) - (0.80 mm)
Production Color Black
Item Number Misc150