Twinline, LLC

PARA ARAMID 325 (1 LB Lot)


325 Lb. tensile strength -This is an 8 carrier diamond braid para aramid cord.

Like DuPont Kevlar® which is also a para aramid. This cord has similar  performance characteristics. It has low stretch, high chemical resistance and very high tenacity. The major feature of this cord is the lower cost.


Current applications include:

  • Recreational applications.
  • Industrial uses

Product Specifications:

Core Material Para Aramid
Coating None
Denier 13000.03
Yield per LB (1030ft) - (311.8m)
Tensile Strength 325
Elongation <4.00%
Diameter (0.062in) - (1.60mm)
Production Color Natural
Item Number Bpara020