Twinline, LLC

Dacron® 600 - (1 LB Lot) (BLACK)


Dacron® cord is the perfect all-purpose cord for securing items, storing items, emergency situations, hiking, hunting, tarps, camping, and other general use applications. Made with 100% DuPont fibers which are low stretch and resistant to rot, abrasion and UV sunlight.

Product Specifications:

Core Material Dacron®
Coating None
Denier 54,210.67
Yield per LB (247 ft) - (75.3 m)
Tensile Strength 712 Lbs
Elongation <11.00%

(0.165 in) - (4.19 mm) wide
(.080 in) - (2.03 mm) thick

Production Color Black solution dyed
Item Number Dac110