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Kevlar® Poly Coat 200 - Spools (RED)

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Title: 250 ft. spool
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Regular price $11.86
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Available Lengths: 250 ft, 1000 ft


Three stranded twisted torque balanced Kevlar® 49 base with proprietary polyurethane single coating. This is a very durable cord for use in extreme conditions. The poly coating allows this cord to hold up outdoors very well by shielding the Kevlar from harmful UV damage.

Current applications include:

  • Military uses in ocean environments.
  • Strain relief in optical cables.
  • Recreation applications
  • Survival cord

Product specifications:

Core Material Kevlar® 
Coating Polyurethane
Denier 5,150.01
Yield per LB (2600 ft) - (792.5 m)
Tensile Strength (LBS) 189.9 **
Elongation <3.00%   
Diameter (0.032 in) - (0.82 mm)
Production Color     Red
Item Number Bkev062-spl(xxxx) x-length