Twinline, LLC

Laser Line 925 - V - Spools

Available Lengths: 100, 250 ft


Laser Line 925 Lb. tensile strength - Four stranded twisted torque balanced Vectran® base with proprietary polyurethane double coating with a low friction finish impregnated into the cord. This is the ultimate cord for use in extreme conditions. 

Current applications include:

  • Military uses in ocean environments.
  • High performance cord for kite buggies.
  • Robotic assemblies
  • String Telescopes

Product specifications:

Core Material Vectran® 
Coating Proprietary
Denier 20,954.67
Yield per LB (639 ft) - (194.8 m)
Tensile Strength (LBS) 925 **
Elongation 2.00%   
Diameter (0.070 in) - (1.80 mm)
Production Color Orange
Item Number Bvec40-spl(xxxx) x=length