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Sleeved Spectra® 325 (1 LB Lot) (YELLOW)

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Sleeved Spectra® 325 Lb. tensile strength - Spectra® 1000 base with a yellow polyester braided sleeve. This cord has been heat set and stretched to reduce the diameter and remove some of the elongation due to the braided construction.

Current applications include:

  • Recreational applications.
  • Boot laces
  • Survival cord

Product Specifications:

Core Material Spectra® 1000
Sleeving Polyester
Denier 20,380.57
Yield per LB (657 ft) - (200.3 m)
Tensile Strength 325 **
Elongation <6.00%
Diameter (0.073 in) - (1.85 mm)
Production Color Yellow
Item Number Bspc070