Collection: About Us

  • Twin//Line LLC started 35 years ago as a supplier of high-tech Kevlar kite string. After only a few years our business grew into the aerospace and commercial markets. Today we have become a well-known National / International distributor of Para Aramid fibers, Kevlar®, and Technora®, Liquid Crystal Polymer, Vectran® and Ultra-High-Molecular-Weight Polyethylene, Spectra®, and Dyneema®.

    . Our products include stranded and braided cords, sleeved with high tenacity Polyester and unsleeved from 50 lb test to several 1000 lbs break strengths.

  • Our braided Spectra® Honeywell 1000 cords are pre stretched and heat set, coated with a propriety bonding and abrasion reducing polyurethane finish. This makes our Spectra® more durable and longer lasting than regular uncoated Spectra® products. This design is perfect for applications which are exposed to sandy or gritty conditions. Sand and other materials have a much more difficult path to encroach into the fibers and slowly degrade the integrity of this cord. We can supply and certify the Spectra® cords PIA standards.

  • Our Para Aramid cords, Kevlar®, and Technora® are also treated with various finishes to enhance durability in applications. We can supply Technora® in a natural or black color. The black Technora® T240B is a dope or solution dyed material, which means the cord is black all the way through, not just dip dyed which allows the color to wear off with use. The black Technora® also has a better UV resistance than the natural color. All of our Aramid cords have a very high char temperature, 932F, and very low elongation and creep. We can certify some cords to Military Specs and we can comply to the Berry Amendment for some cords as well.

  • Our Vectran® HT is also treated with our propriety finish to enhance durability. Vectran® is becoming one of our best-selling cords for the robotics and aerospace markets. Combined with its extremely low stretch, very high break strength, and no creep, this cord is finding its way into many high tec applications. The differences between Vectran fiber and two other high-performance fibers, aramids, and ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) are as follows: Vectran fiber is thermotropic, it is melt-spun, and it melts at a high temperature. Aramid fiber is lyotropic, it is solvent-spun, and it does not melt at high temperatures. UHMWPE fiber is gel spun, and it melts at a much low temperature.


  • Find the right cord for your application.

  • Our E-Store will take you our wide selection of cords in our inventory. We primarily carry Kevlar®, Technora®, Vectran®, and Spectra®. We also have access to many other varieties of fibers and cord sizes upon request. So, if you don't see it just ask, we can probably get it. Spool lengths listed on our e-store are minimum. We can custom wind any length you require up to 4 LBS on a single spool.

  • We are proud of our product information pages that describe our cord material and provides information about each product's specifications. Just click on the Product Specifications link for information and then click your browser's back arrow to return to our products. Please call or email if you have questions. We have been in business for over 35 years and if we don't have it, we know who does.