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Bargain Bin - Braided HMPE 340 - (500 ft Spool) (WHITE/BLACK)

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Title: 500 ft. spool
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Regular price $14.75
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500 Ft. Spools - 7 Available


High-Molecular-Polyethylene (HMPE)

350 Lb. tensile strength

Note: This product has been manufactured (braided, colored and coated) in the USA from a base material imported from an off shore manufacturer. It has similar characteristics as Spectra® and Dyneema® but it is not manufactured by Honeywell or DSM. This cord has a high tech abrasion coating with a neon yellow color. It is resistant to UV light, it floats, has low stretch and is very economical as compared to other high tech cords.


 Current applications include:

  • Recreational applications.

Product Specifications:

Core Material HMPE
Coating Propriety
Denier 7397.81
Yield per LB (1810 ft) - (551.7 m)
Tensile Strength 350 Lbs
Elongation <6.00%
Diameter (0.039in) - (1 mm)
Production Color Natural white / black tracer
Item Number Misc130