Twinline, LLC

Braided Spectra® 1000 (1 LB Lot)


Spectra® 1000 Lb. tensile strength. Note: This product has been pre stretched and coated with Polyurethane instead of wax. This makes the Spectra ® better able to resist abrasion , and keep out contamination from dirt and sand that break down the fibers if allowed to get into the braid. This Spectra ® is actually a military version of the widely used commercial product. Certified to PIA-C-1200.

Current applications include:

  • Recreation and commercial applications
  • Power Kites
  • Crossbow crank cords

Product Specifications:

Core Material Spectra® 1000 
Coating Polyurethane
Denier 23,574.01
Yield per LB (568 ft) - (173.1 m)
Tensile Strength (LBS) 998**
Elongation 6.00%    
Diameter (0.109 in) - (2.76 mm)
Production Color Natural (White)
Item Number Bspc040


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