Twinline, LLC

Braided HMPE 150 (1 LB Lot) (WHITE)


High-Molecular-Polyethylene (HMPE)

150 Lb. tensile strength 

This product has been manufactured, braided, and coated from an off shore manufacturer. It has similar chemical and physical characteristics as Spectra® and Dyneema® but it is not manufactured by Honeywell or DSM. This cord has a high tech polymer abrasion resistant coating impregnated into the braid. It is resistant to UV light, it floats, has low stretch and is very economical as compared to other high tech cords.

 Current applications include:

  • Recreational applications.
  • Sewing thread

Product Specifications:

Core Material HMPE
Coating Propriety
Denier 2681.00
Yield per LB (4775 ft) - (1455 m)
Tensile Strength 150
Elongation <6.00%
Diameter (0.1968 in) - (.5 mm)
Production Color White
Item Number Misc134